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2831 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL.60625
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About Our Library

The Library, both online and in onside, provides access to books, documents, and multi-media resources related to Cambodia, Cambodian-Americans and the Killing Fields. An archive offers an opportunity to review Khmer manuscripts, rare books and Buddhist texts. 

Please come to visit us at:

2831 W. Lawrence Ave,  Chicago, IL 60625 
Phone: 773-878-7090 

Fax: 773-878-5299

Museum Memorial

The Museum & Memorial serves as the Cambodian national principal institution in Illinois for examining the implication of Civil War inCambodia, especially the Khmer Rouge Regime 1975 – 1979, documenting the impact of the regime and exploring the continuing significance of the Civil War and Khmer Rouge regime.The Museum & Memorial is exhibited within archeological heart of all Cambodians ... Read more

Morodak & Gift shop

Our Gift Shop is to promote and enhance residential income, economic development and job opportunity for Cambodians, especially handicrafts men in Cambodia.All net proceeds from our sales are dedicated to developing and sustaining the Museum & Memorial. Thank your for helping to build a lasting place for remembrance, reflection, and learning for years to come.... Read more